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The Birth of A New Health Plan

Borne out of a noble desire to provide quality health to a wide range of market from the low to mid up to upper class and prepare the aging HMO population for a comfortable life during their elderly years, a group of varied Filipino professionals banded together to fund Kaiser International Health Group Inc. Thus, the company was incorporated and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on June 8, 2004 with an authorized capital stock of Php:160M.

Kaiser was also granted a clearance to operate by the Department of Health- Bureau of Health Facilities and Services last July 26, 2004. This is the same government agency that regulates and supervises health maintenance organizations.

One of the Philippines' leading business daily, Business World reported Kaiser as one of the Newly Registered Corporations with at least Php:50M authorized capital in its August 5, 2004 issue.

Kaiser International Health Group Inc. is registered as a health care provider. Kaiser is far more than an HMO. While most HMOs cater to both group and individual accounts, Kaiser's product is geared to address the long-term health care needs of individuals especially after their employment and retirement years.

The Filipino culture has imbibed in us the value of a closely-knit family ties. It has come to a point where more than 50% of Filipino parents rely so much on their children or other relatives to support them in their old age. With the hope of turning-around or making a paradigm shift in the Filipino minds, Kaiser's group of incorporators had to come out with a product to answer the need for financial independence of people who are faced with the feeling of helplessness at a time when they most need medical attention and support.

Kaiser International Health Group Inc. co-exists with the traditional health maintenance programs. While traditional HMOs provide the financing for companies and employer's medical and health concerns while a person is employed, this support disappears once one quits, is in between jobs, or is too old or sick to work.

Kaiser provides a second layer of HMO coverage where a member has the option to use it or not. Realizing his need for long term care, reinforced with the proper orientation and understanding of the product, the member may now opt not to use his Kaiser coverage. In the long run, he will be rewarded for staying healthy and is on his way to a more secure and comfortable elderly life. No worries.

By fulfilling its mission, Kaiser will have contributed its share to move the Philippines into economic recovery and independence. We invite you to join us and share this mission with Kaiser.

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